Basic WordPress Course

With speed and simplicity, pull your business, organisation or project into our thrilling web-oriented future.

WordPress is the most powerful, accessible and popular web-publishing and content-management tool in the world. Over 20% of all websites, and well over 60 million websites overall, use WordPress. Moreover, with the almost total ubiquity of the internet today, the maintenance of a polished, tailored and well-functioning website is paramount for businesses, organisations and individuals everywhere.

With coding lessons creeping into schools, the next generation will soon speak this new language - web design - that sits at the very core of our technologically focused society. WordPress is the key to not being left behind. Best-selling author and web-design expert Wendy Willard will show you how, with breathtaking ease, to use WordPress to create a beautiful, dynamic and powerfully-functioning website that gives you complete control over your business, organisation or personal project’s online presence.



  • 10 beautifully designed units from one of the world's best writers on WordPress
  • The essentials are covered, from setting up and installing through to making your WordPress site go live
  • Create an actual live website as part of the practical element of this course
  • Units covering essential plugins will help make your website usable and friendly
  • Introductions to SEO, social media, user comments, web analytics, forms and e-commerce are all covered in this course
  • Certificate of attainment
  • Multiple choice tests to benchmark your progress


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Section 1: Installation and Setup


Unit 1.1 - Introduction

The first unit provides a broad overview of preparing to build a web site, from setting site goals to identifying the target audience. It then outlines how WordPress is used to meet a variety of goals and serve varying different audiences.


Unit 1.2 - Getting Started

The second unit moves into the process of setting up your first WordPress site. This involves selecting a domain name, registering with a hosting provider, and finally installing WordPress on the host computer.


Unit 1.3 - Tool Overview

This unit discusses how WordPress functions as a content management solution. It then provides an overview of the WordPress primary navigation and its various options, before covering all of the basic WordPress settings.

Section 2: Managing Content


Unit 2.1 - Just the Basics

In the fourth unit, we move away from the set-up process and into the actual writing of content. Pages and posts are covered in depth, from how to create them to how they are managed. 


Unit 2.2 - Design

The fifth unit explores WordPress's Media Library, to show how to add non-text-based content to your site. This unit also discusses how to add and manage themes to change the look and feel of your site.


Unit 2.3 - Content Structure

In this unit, we look at ways to structure your content to make it more accessible to users. You learn to organize the content into manageable pages and posts, then link them together through categories, tags, and menus. 


Unit 2.4 - Functionality

The seventh unit tackles two very important aspects of WordPress, particularly as you decide to extend your site beyond a series of static web pages. The installation and setup of plugins are covered, as well as how to take advantage of widgets.

Section 3: Extending Functionality


Unit 3.1 - Maintenance 

With the expectation that your site will be around for a while, the eighth unit provides an overview of a variety of ways to maintain your site, from user roles and management to making updates and backups.


Unit 3.2 - Essential Plugins Part One

The ninth unit outlines some essential plugins used to extend the capabilities of your site. In Part 1, we cover plugins related to handling user comments, integrating social media, optimizing for search engines, and analyzing your site traffic.


Unit 3.3 - Essential Plugins Part Two

The final unit outlines more plugins used to extend the capabilities of your site. In Part 2, we cover plugins related to managing the site, using forms, and selling products.


Pricing is for 12 months access.

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  • Required: The practical elements of this course require the user to build a basic WordPress site which involves having to pay for a hosting service. The course includes a 30 day free trial through site5 so users can perform the practical elements of the course at no extra charge. After that pricing details can be found here 
  • Suggested: Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Dreamweaver

Completion Time: 20 hours (average)

About the Author

Our author, Wendy, has an outstanding reputation for explaining essential web design concepts, clearly, having co-authored our best-selling Web Design course. She has jointly written this course with a practical focus explicitly in mind. The course is also constantly updated with responses to customer requests and updates in web technology - all this is included with your course..


Wendy Willard