DIY Home Improvements Course

Get ready to transform your home with our DIY Home Improvements course

Whether you have never opened a toolbox in your life, or have already experienced some promising home improvement success, our refreshingly practical DIY home improvement course is perfect for you. We will teach you all the important skills and knowledge required to revolutionize every aspect of your home - from tinkering with your toilet cisterns to finishing your floorboards.



  • Course written by multi-award-winning and pioneering home improvement author and expert Jo Behari.
  • Dozens of video tutorials, illustrations, diagrams, photographs and insider tips help you become a DIY expert in no time
  • The course provides an extremely dynamic, complete and friendly introduction to the sometimes daunting world of home improvement possibility.


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Section 1: Foundation


Unit 1.1 - Getting Started

Introduces you to the simple and advanced tools and the safety equipment that you will encounter when starting to build your toolkit; offers budgetary and logistical advice on planning home improvement projects; and outlines the things to consider when sourcing tradespeople, tools and materials.


Unit 1.2 - Home Structure

Explains the different wall and floor types that constitute the structure of all houses; explains the fundamental operation of plumbing and electricity systems throughout your home; and outlines the various external features of any house.


Unit 1.3 - General Maintenance

Advances the course into the practical stage, covering some of the simple jobs you can carry out to maintain the walls and ceilings, windows and doors, water appliances and external features of your home. The skills learned in this unit are fundamental and widely applicable to many other home improvement jobs.


Unit 1.4 - Measuring and Marking, Drilling and Fixing

Teaches you how to measure and mark materials in preparation for cutting and drilling, before introducing you to one of your most important and useful tools – your drill. Again, this unit prepares you for a variety of wider home improvement jobs.

Section 2: Woodworking


Unit 2.1 - Working with Wood

Introduces you to the different types of wood and their properties; explains the most common woodworking tools; and teaches you how to cut, join, screw into and repair wood. Many of the skills in this unit are also applicable to other materials.


Unit 2.2 - Finishing Wood

Teaches you how to sand, repair and finish wood once you have finished cutting and shaping it.

Section 3: Plumbing, Heating & Electrics


Unit 3.1 - Plumbing

The next four units expand on what you learned in Unit 2 about the inner workings of your home. Unit 7 explains how to drain the differnet types of water system that you learned about in Unit 2; teaches you how to cure airlocks, repair dripping taps and unblock drains; and explains how to repair toilet cisterns and unblock toilets.


Unit 3.2 - Advanced Plumbing

Building on Unit 7, this unit outlines the various types of pipework that you may encounter; teaches you how to cut, bend and connect piping; guides you through repairing that dreaded burst pipe; and teaches you how to change kitchen taps and machines.


Unit 3.3 - Heating

Explains the various types of heating system, and teaches you how radiators operate as well as how to repair, bleed and remove and replace them.


Unit 3.4 - Electrics

Teaches you how to ensure that you stay safe with electricity and what to do in an electrical emergency, and guides you through fitting new plugs, switch faceplates and socket faceplates.

Section 4: Flooring & Kitchens


Unit 4.1 - Flooring

Having learnt about the inner workings of the home, the next two units outline some larger home improvement projects that you may consider that will call on the skills you have learned hitherto. Unit 11 outlines many of the most common flooring styles and materials available; teaches you how to prepare for laying a new floor; teaches you how to lay the various types of flooring available; and teaches you how to refinish wooden flooring to make it look brand new and beautiful.


Unit 4.2 - Kitchens

Advises you on planning a kitchen refurbishment, and teaches you a variety of methods to improve your kitchen without hiring a professional, such as changing your unit doors, worktops or splashbacks.

Section 5: Painting & Decorating


Unit 5.1 - Painting

This unit moves the course into its decorative stage, now that you have learned how to work with and finish wood and other surfaces and fittings. Here Jo advises you on the things to consider when choosing and purchasing one of the many different types of paint on the market; teaches you the various steps necessary to prepare an internal surface for painting; introduces you to the painting tools that you will encounter; explains the various painting techniques you will need to apply; and outlines the process required for external painting work.


Unit 5.2 - Tiling

Outlines the different types of tiles available; introduces you to the various tools required for tiling; walks you through the stages of planning and preparing for a tiling job; and teaches you both basic and advanced tiling skills and procedures.


Unit 5.3 - Decorating

Walks you through the various decorating tools that you will encounter beyond painting and tiling; explains the different types of wallpaper and wallpaper paste available on the market; explains the various stages in preparing a wall ready for wallpapering; and guides you through wallpapering a wall, including advice on how to navigate various obstacles.

Section 6: Furniture & Gardens


Unit 6.1 - Furniture

Teaches you how to conquer the notorious flat pack; guides you through repainting and refinishing furniture; and teaches you how to repair wobbly furniture.


Unit 6.2 - Gardens

The final unit takes you fully outside the house (but not outside the home), teaching you how to plan and lay decking, how to hang things in your garden, how to repaint and refinish your garden features and how to construct a raised bed.


Pricing is for 12 months access.

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  • Required: none

Completion Time: 10 hours (average)

About the Author

Jo Behari


Jo has always been interested in making her own things and was crafty from a young age. Doing DIY from a young age allowed her to spend some time with her Dad whilst learning a new skill. As she got older she liked the independence that being able to do her own refurbishments gave her. Although she knows her limitations and in 2006 when she was refurbishing a property in London she struck upon an idea. Jo found the process of trying to find good tradespeople frustrating and at times intimidating. So she set up her own property maintenance company supplying an all female workforce. With over 60 female plumbers, carpenters, decorators, electricians and plasterers the company has become very successful. Over the years Jo & Home Jane have been lucky to be awarded some prestigious accolades, but Jo sold the business in 2012 in order to spend more time with her family and work on other projects.


Extemely passionate about teaching people this crucial life skill, Jo has authored a book called The Girls Guide to DIY and co-presented the Channel 4 Television Series “Make, Do and Mend” and is the DIY expert columnist for House Beautiful magazine and she often speaks at conferences, events and schools and acts as a mentor to several start-up businesses. Visit Jo's website to read more about her work.