5 Ways Mindfulness Helps in the Workplace

Everyone is talking about it and many people are claiming to practice it. It feels like the new “organic”.

But what exactly is it? Mindfulness is one of the many types of meditation that forms the core element of Buddhist meditation. The practice itself is simply all about being present.

Do you find yourself half watching a film because you’re also browsing on your iPhone? Or walking into a room and having no idea why you’ve just walked in there? Or maybe you’re trapped by persistent circular thoughts about something that’s already happened or is yet to happen. These are all symptoms of being disconnected from the here and now.

Paying attention to the present when practiced without judgement isn’t a one way ticket to destination happiness. But it will increase your fulfillment and sense of happiness on your journey.

And because most of us spend a significant portion of our daily lives working, there is no better reason to engage in Mindfulness than in order to help us function better in the workplace.

Here are 5 reasons how Mindfulness can benefit us:

  1. Increases productivity: Mindfulness is a concentrative form of meditation so the bottom line is that it helps you to develop your mental stamina, which in turn will help you to focus on tasks.
  2. Better decision-making skills: If you are aware of how you are feeling you are able to make better decisions. Knee jerk reactions are rarely productive. Anxiety and anger are often contagious so rationalizing these emotions will help to create a good atmosphere for you and those around you.
  3. Positive engagement: How does it make you feel when you’re talking and the person you’re with is half listening or is blatantly 100 miles away? Attentive listening will help you to connect with others. You may not agree but that doesn’t mean you can’t value what the other person is saying.
  4. Keep cool, calm, collected: Mindfulness has been clinically proven to reduce cortisol levels in the blood. Reducing overall stress levels will not only help you to create a more pleasant workplace environment but will help you to reduce the risk of physical health problems.
  5. Maintain your internal hard drive: Studies have proven that there is a inverse correlation between stress and the functioning of attention and memory. Fundamentally, the more stressed you are, the less robust you are in other cognitive functions. Therefore, mindfulness will help to improve your working memory which will make learning and generally being on the ball so much easier!

If you want to learn more about Mindfulness and how it can help your working life, check out our Mindfulness course.