Are Your Business Growth Ideas Getting Shot Down?


Have you ever had an idea for new business growth or innovation not only rejected, but shot down in flames by your colleagues?  It’s the situation where you’re asked to contribute.  You do and then the analysis starts.


“We did that last time and it didn’t work!”


“Have you really thought about the implications of what you’re saying?”


“I don’t understand what your pricing model is. Get back to me when you’ve thought of one.”



Even in these dire circumstances, there are things you can do to improve your chances of being heard and understood by decision makers.  You can even help others do the same.



5 key things you can do to ensure your brainstorming session is set up for success:


1. Establish a spirit [read ‘rule’] of collaboration for co- creation among cross functional groups that is meaningful – not polite teamwork.


2. Sponsorship – by someone with decision making authority to help you navigate your internal environment and inevitable roadblocks that will arise when you want to progress your idea.


3. Research, research, research – find the right stimuli to propel your idea forward with others. Also, by getting session participants to provide some of the research or brainstorming stimuli from their specialist areas can also assist with ownership of the process and outcomes.


4. Structure the process – ensure it’s fun, fast moving and guided by overarching goals and objectives, roles and responsibilities of the attendees.


5. Nurture young ideas and generate multiple ideas – by not jumping into judge them too early.



There are 5 more ways to improve your brainstorming sessions, along with 10 ways to nurture your own ideas in developing an effective brainstorming mindset in Unit 13 of the Skillsology Strategy and Business Models Course. Take the course now!


This article was written by Anna Shaw, author of our Strategy & Business Models course. Anna is a Strategy and Innovation Consultant at Lucency, based in Sydney, Australia. She has 20 years experience appraising strategy, finance and business models across multiple industries in the UK, Europe, New Zealand and Australia.