Excel Course Upgrade


If you already have access to our Microsoft Excel course, then this update won’t cost you anything. It’s all part of being a Skillsology user!

Here is what’s improved:

  • We’ve significantly increased the number of bitesize videos – up to 5 per module!
  • All course videos are clearer and have narration.
  • Course text has been streamlined, cut down or replaced by video.
  • Video transcripts are available for those that want to read instead of watching. In the next month, all videos will be captioned as well.
  • Screenshots are now in higher definition, meaning they are clearer on more devices.
  • Each section’s objectives have been improved to clearly show what each module covers.
  • More quiz and poll questions, so you can check your knowledge as you go.

These upgrades are live, now on Excel 2013! If you have access to Excel, simply log into your course. If you don’t, don’t forget you can view 3 modules for free from any course.

Excel 2016 will get the same treatment in August.

Login and get learning