Fill Your Knowledge Gaps to Grow Your New Business


New business owners often find they may have a great idea and can build a customer base quickly for their product or service, but don’t have a lot of the skills necessary to keep that business on track and growing. You not only need to know your specialty and the product or service your sell, but you also must understand many topics that may be completely foreign to you.



For example you need to understand how to determine the best price to increase business, but also to able to generate enough profit to fund the operations of your business.  Do you know how to find that best price to maximize profits and survive financially?



You may be great at finding just the right products to sell, but do you know how to manage and train your people to get the most out of them? You also need to know how to keep customers happy and deal with dissatisfied customers to keep them coming back.



Managing your profits and strategically planning growth can be a mystery to some whose primary talents are in their specialized field with no finance or marketing experience.



So how do you build these skills while you working 12 to 15 hours a day to build your new business? E-learning may be your best option. Skillsology’s Start Your Own Business course enables you to learn online when it is most convenient for you. Units are broken into small learning segments, so you don’t need to devote many hours at one time. Perfect for filling your knowledge holes as and when they arise.



This article was written by Lita Epstein, author of our Start Your Own Business course. Lita is a published author with an outstanding reputation for clearly explaining financial, management and marketing concepts to business audiences. Her titles include The Bookkeeping Kit for Dummies, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Accounting and The Business Owner’s Guide to Reading and Understanding Financial Statements.