Introduction to Data Science

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Discover the skill set of a Data Scientist, a new role meeting the increased demands and opportunities of the web and modern technology.


In this course you will learn:


  • How to use your analytical skills to manipulate data
  • Develop business acumen, so findings are applicable in the real world
  • Master statistics, to separate vital signals from irrelevant noise
  • The basics of Excel and the R programming language


Understand the key elements of data science, allowing you to solve real business problems.


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Why take this course?

The course teaches the analytical and statistical skills to allow students to turn data into actionable insights. It also covers how to use an analytical toolkit consisting of widely available or free software (principally Microsoft Excel and the R programming language), to allow statistical analysis and visualization.


Is this for me?

This course is an accelerated way for those interested in data science to improve their abilities.


Why choose Skillsology?

Skillsology offers comprehensive online training for beginners, intermediate and advanced users across a variety of subjects. We carefully select the areas we teach and search the globe to find the most knowledgeable subject matter experts to be our the authors. All courses are hosted on our custom built and mobile responsive learning platform.


All Skillsology courses are certified, most are CPD (UK) accredited and many can be personalized to your learning needs using Filter technology. This Filter is a diagnostic that creates a tailor-made learning experience so your course is as unique as you are.


  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    So far I’am very satisfied with this course. I was looking for something like this for a while, the pace of learning is sufficiently manageable but demanding enough to make it interesting and that makes learning fun for me. Course is focused on getting started in the field of data analysis and authors are trying to introduce few concepts in depth rather than everything but in a simplified form. If you think style like this would suit you I highly recommend this course.

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Dr Chris Littlewood

Chris worked as a consultant at strategy boutique Mars & Co after completing degrees in physics and maths at Oxford and Cambridge and conducting research in particle physics at CERN. He has ten years experience in analysis and strategy development, across industries at Mars & Co and then in the rail sector. He is Head of Data Science at Skillsology.


Matilde Castanheira

Matilde works as a Data Scientist at Skillsology, helping to develop the algorithm that tailors courses to individual learners. She also analyses data to understand how to best improve the learning experience.

Matilde has a PhD in Particle Physics from Queen Mary University. Her thesis was the study of the top quark, one of the particles of the Standard Model that predicts all the particles and forces of our Universe.