Google Sheets

$49.00 / year

Become a Google Sheets Master with this course.


In this course you will learn:


  • Ho to adjust the way data and information is displayed.
  • Use advanced tools like Macros, Import HTML and Scripts to replicate Excel’s functions.
  • How to write powerful formulas quickly and easily with the point-and-click method.
  • Use data tools like sorting, subtotaling, and filtering.
  • How to automate tasks with time-saving scripts and addons.
  • Discover Spreadsheets secrets and shortcuts.


Engage with this exciting new product and become a Google Sheets Master with this course. Google Sheets replicates many of Excel’s functions but has gone one step further. Expect to find charts, graphs, pivot tables, functions and formulas, but you’ll also discover what makes Google Sheets unique, like file sharing, revision history, web based scripts, macros, and much more. It’s not your typical spreadsheet.


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Completion Time: 7 hours (average)



Is this for me?

With as many functions as Microsoft Excel this course is ideal for any Excel users who want to learn about this excellent and collaborative alternative.


Why choose Skillsology?

Skillsology offers comprehensive online training for beginners, intermediate and advanced users across a variety of subjects. We carefully select the areas we teach and search the globe to find the most knowledgeable subject matter experts to be our the authors. All courses are hosted on our custom built and mobile responsive learning platform.


All Skillsology courses are certified, most are CPD (UK) accredited and many can be personalized to your learning needs using Filter technology. This Filter is a diagnostic that creates a tailor-made learning experience so your course is as unique as you are.


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Justin Mares

Justin formerly ran growth at developer-tools company Exceptional (acquired by Rackspace in March of 2013). At Exceptional, he was responsible for growth and revenue across three separate developers tools products – Exceptional, Airbrake and RedisToGo.

While there, he built and managed an inside sales team in Vegas, cut churn by more than 60%, tripled organic traffic, improved conversion rates through a series of A/B tests and doubled average revenue per customer. In this role selling to developers, he also taught himself how to program (poorly), use tools like SQL and R, and familiarised himself with the entire stack of web technologies.