Introduction to Web Development

$69.00 / year

Add to your digital skill set and learn to build your own website.


In this course, you will learn:


  • The different elements of a website and how to access them
  • The proper semantic structure of HTML
  • HTML tags, lists, and how to embed media
  • The various properties of CSS to better display your HTML
  • The box model of CSS


Get to grips with the basics of the two essential web development languages of HTML and CSS. Learn design and build principals, as well as how to host and run your own web site.


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Learning hours: 6 (average)



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Why take this course?

Designing and building a website of your own is a dream for many people. Yet many fail to take that first step and make their digital dream a reality. Stand out from the crowd, learn the basics of web development, create your own site and realise your potential. Your website journey starts here.

Who is it for?

This course is for anyone who wants to improve their understanding of what makes websites work, and how to build one from scratch.



Chris Misterek

Chris Misterek is a web designer and developer from Phoenix, Arizona in the US. He’s passionate about beautiful web design and concise front end development.

In his free time, he loves riding bikes with his 3 girls and making music. An entrepreneur at heart, he’s built his web design company from a few clients to a steady stream of projects in just a short amount of time.