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Learn how to build your own amazing website!


Whether for yourself or for your business, our online Web Design course will teach you the basics and beyond of web design. We take a refreshingly practical approach to teaching you the most useful stuff from: HTML5, CSS3, WordPress, HTML emails, E-commerce, SEO, social media integration and much more. We teach through beautifully illustrated and engaging text, videos, exercises, code downloads and an HTML emulator. All this means your learning experience is maximally efficient, interesting and effective.


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Learning hours: 15 (average)


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Who is it for?

For someone interested in building their own website using HTML and CSS, and learning ways to market it.

Course includes:

  • Certificate of Attainment
  • Test Certificate (useful for CPD fulfilment)

Additional info:

  • 18 beautifully designed course units from some of the world’s best writers on web design
  • 3 comprehensive bonus units on the subjects of HTML5, CSS3 and advanced WordPress templating
  • Interactive exercises including locally hosted HTML emulator
  • Downloadable editable files (eg wireframes) for you to use directly for your own web design project
  • Certificate of attainment
  • Multiple choice tests to benchmark your progress
  1. 4 out of 5

    This is a well-tailored course that suits newbies willing to get a solid overall/general knowledge about designing of a site.

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