We offer a number of solutions to improve the proficiency and productivity of your workforce through our sister brand Filtered. Filtered offers very competitive business rates regardless of the size of your company. Their courses will save you time and resources by teaching you just the material you need to know, not what you don’t.


Benchmark your staff

How can you make sure your staff are doing the training they need to be? The Filtered benchmarking tool will help you discover the skills gaps within your workforce and suggest a tailored learning pathway for each individual to follow to improve their proficiency and productivity.

Off-the-shelf content

The Filtered library of off-the-shelf course content will train your team in the core knowledge worker skills. They cover key business and software skills as well as a number of specialist courses. Our authors are industry experts carefully selected to ensure our training is always impactful and relevant. See Filtered courses here.


Filter your content


If you have specific material that you’re looking to train your staff in, Filtered can apply it’s adaptive technology to your training material to create shorter, sharper, bespoke online courses.

We follow a four-stage process where we discuss your needs and find the most appropriate application of our technology before testing and implementing the solution.

Partner with us


We also work with a number of course resellers. You can partner with Skillsology or Filtered on a referral basis to sell our courses to your network. If you’d like to become a partner then get in touch below.